it won't be me

Simon looked at Josh a bit grimly. Of course, it was him who scraped him off the floor and got him to the emergency. He'd stayed all night with him which honestly ended up being a month to nursing him back to health. Thank God, they both lived above the Black Cat. It was easier that way to check on him.

"Don't you think its time to leave him, alone now." Paddy's words. Simon just glared at him, shocked he'd say as much. Right here in Josh's flat where he laid slumbering.

Soon enough they got back to their own bedroom to have some fun.

"God, you know he's nothing to me." Simon winced. He was being ever so faithful to his lover and husband, Paddy. They were practically one at least at bedtime and at early rise too. Yet, he'd been there to bathe Josh, change his bandages. It was nothing he hadn't seen. "What do you expect me to do?"

"Maybe we could pay someone." Paddy brought Simon tea, in bed.

"I couldn't." Simon managed as if that might be close to prostituting someone out for Josh, who was weak now and would think sex might be part of his process of mending, completely. He knew the bloke well enough to know just how deep his wounds went. Sexual relations was just a daily function to him. But maybe this was the case with Paddy too, as he looked at him.

"You've done enough." Paddy had hardly let him sip his tea. He wanted Simon's flesh as he put his arms around him. He would take care of Simon's needs. No one else could.

They Frenched then and Josh was just an after thought. It was no longer troubling who might come to Josh's rescue. Evidently, it would not be Simon. Paddy would see to that as his fingers came around Simon's chin. He bit Simon's bottom lip with such affection.


Em said...

Thanks so much! :D

ellie said...

How will he ever deal with Josh? I kind of wish they were back together.

autumn said...

Aww. French. *giggles* :))