its Christmas in the village

"Paddy, are you sure you need to be in the picture with Santa and Sid?" Simon knew now that Paddy was pretty much a kid at heart. He so wanted the new gaming system where he could play a game by motion. He'd gotten it for him and it was wrapped under the tree.

Really, the lad needed as much attention as Sid, his ten month old son, who had sprouted up now, still fuzzy headed but walking these days. Kelsey still wanted him at her place. Of course, he was just down the hall. But it would be nice go on holiday with him. Alone. Well, with the exception of Paddy.

"Now..now..you must get in the photo, my luv. Its a family moment, you know." So Paddy grabbed him quick enough and Sid set in Santa's lap while the two leaned in on both sides of Santa. Full grins to the max.

"Are you gonna to see your brother during the holidays?" Simon asked after the little photo shoot that gave them Christmas ready pics in about fifteen minutes.

"Well, its not that he's called, now has he?" Paddy was sure to brush him off.

"Its Christmas." Simon gave him a glare. Paddy held on to Sid as if he were his own, and pretty much he was, because he looked after him while Simon still held down the tech part of the library. As it was, he was reprograming the computer system at the library. It had been a real headache, but he didn't want to bore Paddy with it.

"And you can't make me miserable. You can't." Paddy grinned, getting cheek to cheek with Sid who pulled at Paddy's ear and held out his other hand to his Dad. Simon took him and immediately the small child bit his nose.

"Has he been biting you?" Simon gave the kiddie right back.

"No." Paddy winced. "He's a little sweet pea, constantly."

Simon wasn't so sure he completely believed Paddy.

"Kel said anything? His Sis, teaching him this?" Simon was so offended that the little bugger would do such a thing to him.

"Dunno. Can't say its been mentioned." Paddy shrugged.

Simon gave Paddy a stare then. His lover and wife would hold his son against him, now would he? Simon gave a little smile. Sometimes, he wondered just what sort of power Paddy held. And why wouldn't he give a damn about his brother Maxie?


ellie said...

Its a fun scene. Made me smile.

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This was so cute. hahahaa..about Sid.

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Oh, its certainly Christmas!

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Aww. Lovely. ^_^

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Thank you for the well wishes :)


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You're a good writer, this was fun to read!