not much of a Manic Monday

"What are you trying to do to me?" Gemma almost lost it when her brother Rupert brought the baby into her new boutique. It had just opened. She needed customers. Not reminders of her past. Especially, the baby she'd given him.

"Lyle wanted to see her." Rupert made his regrets. Naturally, Lyle picked the baby girl up, right away.

"OH MY GOD." He was thrilled holding up the baby close to Gemma. "Such a striking resemblence."

Finally, his glare settled on Gemma who was behind the counter. His smile faded.

"Its just a baby, for Christ sakes!" She had to jump into it before he could question Rupert.

"Don't you want to hold it?" Lyle looked at her seriously as he got closer, to the big onion head baby with the baby blue eyes.

"No, I don't." She puffed a frown. "We have business to tend to." This was suppose to take her mind off the infant she'd give up for the sake of their marriage.

Of course, there wasn't a customer insight. She hugged herself and turned away.

"She's a little hastey these days." She overheard Lyle tell Rupert when she have him back the baby.

"I heard that." She snapped.

"She's just saving her energy for when, you two have your own."  Rupert assured him. He then looked at Gemma. "Have another three months, don't you, Gem?"

Gemma's face festered. She could not look at him, but nodded. Rupert reached for a black onezy for kiddies, "I'm a RocknRoller" it had printed across the front. He handed over some cash to Lyle then. At least, he bought something.


meg said...

Tricky situation..since that's her baby that Rupert has.

ellie said...

That would be just like her to be this way. Poor Lyle.

autumn said...

Confusing eh.