carrying the sword

In the last few months Soren hardly recognized the boy he'd fallen in love with. Rupert had grown up. He was pretty sure it was the baby's doing. It fascinated him, actually.

"I think you're a bit posh for me now, Rup." Soren said ever so nonchalant as he undressed after work. He needed a shower just now. In spite of going green and a veggie menu for those regulars at the pub, there was still a might of grease to deal with. Fish and chips were still their mainstay.

"What? Are you serious?" Rupert gave him a snarl. He was feeding the baby a bottle so he couldn't lash out at him.

Soren bit a grin. Rupert was such a laugh. Soren edged around him then and put his hands on his shoulders and gave him a quick kiss on the neck.

"Just put the kiddie down and fresh'n up with me." Soren whispered in his ear.

"But I couldn't." Rupert winced.

Soren undid the button to Rupert's jeans anyway and edged his fingers to rest the top of his briefs, just for a tease.

"Come on, you want too." Soren grabbed his beltloop to lead the way toward the loo.

"Soren, please." Rupert hushed him, yet he was letting Soren lead the way. He thought he might be winning.

"What, being a posh bastard, now aren't, you?" Soren turned back sighed. Rupert shook his head, no. Soren fumed slightly and went to turn on the shower. He wanted it hot and preferably with Rupert. He took his time, to get in. The warm water finally hit his tired muscles and plunged his curls flat. He closed his eyes, thinking of the good old days. But then again, his Rupert had always been prim and proper, now hadn't he? Why should he expect anything different. Had to get a good dozen or so pints in him to have his way with him. Now, Rupert would look at a glass of red wine at dinner and turn away. He had to be good for the little one.

And yes, Soren had a way of looking at the baby as this thing that had come between them. Here they were fathers now to Rupert's sis's unwanted child. He sort of liked it. He did. Just he wanted his Rupert, too. He didn't want to share him.

Of course, he'd spent the first month full of sleepless nights. He wanted to sleep through all the crying, the feedings and the nappy changes, but Rupert wouldn't let him. After all, Rupert had made sure Soren knew was he was doing. No swearing. No late night party-nights. He'd given up a lot. It was just, he needed his sex. He did.

Just as he suds up, he saw that someone had come to join him. Soren felt Rupert's hands come around his face, and Rupert Frenched him as if to awake him from this lull. Soren just smiled. His fingertips found exactly what he was looking for. Yes, they definitely knew how to turn each other on. There were no questions to ask. He shouldn't have doubted Rupert.


ellie said...

I love them together! Still!

Lux and Stan said...

I have missed them.

ori said...

They are so having fun.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Aww how fun!

meg said...

So sexy!!

Holly said...

They are so sexy!!!

Ali said...

I really think they still got it for each other.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Your writing is so descriptive!


Anonymous said...

I hope your days are beautiful.